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quanzhou walson ZT41990 Layered-Style Striped Tankini with Triangular Briefs 5 (from 549 reviews)
ZT41990   Layered-Style Striped Tankini with Triangular Briefs

ZT41990 Layered-Style Striped Tankini with Triangular Briefs Item NO:ZT41990

US$ 7.45
pink dark blue blue purple black
s m l xl 2xl 3xl
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Product Name ZT41990 Layered-Style Striped Tankini with Triangular Briefs
Item NO ZT41990
Weight 0.4100 Kg
Category Sexy Lingerie > sexy Bikini
Tag sexy swimwear Sexy Swimsuits Cheap Bikinis Sexy Swimwear Cheap S
Brand quanzhou walson
Creation time 2017-06-19

Shirley D. Jennings
I loved this suit.
Jennifer Byerley
I received my suit today, there was a slight delay on shipping but it was only a couple of days. Just tried it on and LOVE the fit and the colors! I ordered my normal size and it is perfect (I'm 5'1 120lbs and ordered a Medium)
Sarah Price
I have a baby and my body isn't in bikini shape, but I wanted to wear something different than a boring one piece for our vacation. This definitely did the job!
Debra Rae Hogue
super cute but too small on top i wear 36c/d I had to return did not have my size bummer
I ordered a large. I am 5'4 and still carrying baby weight at 150lbs, full C/small D cup. Fits perfectly! Good quality!
Amazon Customer
Love this bathing suit! It hides my back fat while giving a slimming illusion. Good support for the boobs, everything is good to go.
Nicole R.
The swimsuit was a bit snug on top, but I adjusted the straps and it's way better! I absolutely love this suit!!
K8e Butterfly
Super cute, bright colors, fits well, and flattering by easily covering my not so perfect abdomen yet still looking cute
Just what I was expecting and hoping for. It looks just like the picture on.
I normally wear a m/l but some of the reviews said to order up so I originally ordered an XL which was way too big. I then ordered a L which fir perfectly, even the bottoms.
Im 5'6, 150, 36B
The size is on point. Like many other females i was unsure about ordering a bathing suit but this fits perfect
Great product! Thank you!
Amazon Customer
This fits just like I hoped it would! The top is slightly longer than what I thought but it still looks good!
Fits perfect! I usually wear size Small; I ordered a Small and it fits well.
Susan Mitchell Kerrr
SOOOOOOO CUTE. I got a large reading the reviews that it runs small...but it didn't! So I returned the large and got the medium. Fit perfectly top and bottom. I'm 5'5 130 lbs. 34C-D. Medium worked great. Super flattering, and really fun.
Love love love it
Keeshea Rogers
wish it came with shorts instead
Amazon Customer
Fits great, nice material and stitching.
The Coven
First off, this won't be listed as a Verified Purchase, because my sister bought it for me through her Prime account :) But this suit is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, so I had to leave a review for it!

Secondly, something I don't normally due, but if it can help anyone out there with a similar frame, some stats: I'm 5'6 and (due to recent grieving-related weight gain) am 225 lbs., but I know everyone's frame carries weight differently. So, I currently wear size 16 jeans, have the typical broad shoulders that accompany 18 years of competitive gymnastics, and after being professionally measured, have found out I am a 36G.

My major area of concern, and reason for purchasing this suit, is my tummy. I've always worn bikinis, but with my new tummy fluffiness, was just not comfortable doing so right now. One pieces look HORRIBLE on my particular frame, so I thought this suit would be a good compromise.

Based on the reviews from those with larger chests, I ordered a XXXL, thinking it would provide enough coverage for the girls. I wasn't too concerned about the bottoms, because I figured I could just wear the black tie bottoms I already have if the bottoms were huge (which they were). At least for me, the XXXL top was way too loose. While there was enough fabric coverage for my girls, the bottom of the actual shelf bra was WAY WAY too loose. Even with the straps on their tightest setting, if I stretched my arms overhead, the shelf bra would slide up. When just standing still with arms at sides, the bottom of the shelf bra was a good inch away from my skin, if that makes sense. And the bottoms... one dip in the water and they'd be down to my knees, even when tied their tightest.

The sizing is so wonky on this suit, I pulled a Goldilocks and ordered three different sizes to find the one that would fit just right, knowing I could return the ones that didn't fit. For my size, the XXL fits just about perfectly. The bottoms are super cute and fit wonderfully. True, they are a little cheeky compared to, say, a moderate cut scoop bottom, but I actually prefer that in a tie side bottom. I have to tie them on their tightest setting to get the look I want, but when tied looser, they do fully cover my bum. But then again, my body's not one that really has ever stored much junk in it's trunk :)

The top on the XXL DOES push the girls up, which was a surprise, giving shape and some lovely cleavage- and I think there are many a large chested girl out there who can relate to the dreaded uni-boob look so many shelf bras give. Again, the cleavage was not an issue for me. I find a woman's décolletage quite beautiful and enjoy my curves. It just depends on your personal preference. The XXXL did COVER them, but didn't SUPPORT them. The XXL supports them, while also showcasing them (think a modified balconette type look), which lends a touch of sexiness to a typically conventional suit. The bottom of the XXL shelf bra did fit better, too- I think I may just throw in a few stitches to cinch it so the bottom will sit flush against my skin.

The black covering on the top covers my tummy wonderfully. It's light, comfortable, stays in place, doesn't ride up and leaves plenty of room, which is very flattering. The top on the XXXL was too blousey on me to be flattering. In fact, I thought the XXXL made me look bigger. I ordered the wider black and white striped suit, and all three of the suits that came have the crossed double back straps. I've read that some people's version of this particular suit don't come with the straps crossed, so thought that was important to mention. They are adjustable, which also helps with customizing this suit for a really wonderful fit.

I know this is kinda long, but I wanted to make sure I didn't leave anything out. Sorry no pics to help visualize, but I'm just not comfortable doing so right now. I bought this for my first vacation/foray out into the public since suffering the recent loss of my husband, and in it, I feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. I hope this helps some of you out there! My best advice: order a couple
This suit is a perfect sporty suit that helps hide areas you want hidden while still allowing you to sun bathe and swim

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