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We have an amazing range of 1920s flapper costumes which are always really popular with women of all ages. These 1920s style dresses are really well made and come in a wonderful range of colours and details. Most of the 1920s flapper outfits have beautiful sequins and tassels and look really dramatic.

They are a popular choice for any dress up event, and some of them make lovely evening dresses even if it is not a 1920s fancy dress party. Whether you are looking for ideas to dress up as a gangster’s moll, or just a carefree Charlston dancer, we have just the outfit that you’d like.

If you are having a 1920s themed event, you will find matching men’s gangster suits to partner with your flapper dress, so this look is great for couples or groups of friends to dress up together. Some people even have 1920s themed weddings!

Check out our selection of 1920s flapper costumes and create an amazing look for the event. Whether you find a ready made costume, or you prefer to find accessories to add to your existing wardrobe, you won’t be disappointed with the massive range of costumes that help you create the 1920s sense of freedom and drama.

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