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1980S Costume (47)

People love having dress up parties for decades. You will find a ton of great inspiration for any 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s costumes. Whether you are looking for realistic 1950s movie costumes including Grease outfits for Sandy, the Pink Ladies and Danny, or you want to choose from pretty 1950s flared dresses, we have a great selection.

1960s are a time of hippie or beat clothes so you can get ready to start a revolution at your 1960s dress up party at our website. The Flower Power hippies of the 1960s had long hair, bare feet and lots of bright colours. On the other hand, the conservative Mad Men of the time had narrow suits, skinny ties and pointy shoes. If you don’t have long hair, we have a range of 1960s wigs for women and men.

The 1970s costumes are about colours, wide flared pants bold prints and tie dyed fabric. Jumpsuits were popular for men and women. Think about the dress style of disco - satin pants and really chunky platform shoes. In the 70s era you can also find punk styles of mesh shirts, fishnets and spiky hair.

Our 1980s costumes include Madonna, Prince and Freddie Mercury and you can also find accessories such as colourful lycra pants, leg warmers and lingerie to wear on the outside.

We also have kids hippie 1960s costumes as well as a massive range of accessories including big bold earrings, mesh gloves, beads and tights.

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